how much do you know about your customers?

Your product is on the table or on your computer screen and you are thinking to yourself with squinted eyes: “Hmm, who will buy this product?”

Ironically, companies don’t ponder over who buys or will buy their products. Often, they continue to do business by focusing on stereotyped target groups.

But e-commerce (if you aren’t selling a really niche product) can offer the possibility to target different groups.

This is undoubtedly one of the fun parts of e-commerce but can be challenging as well.

If you have a store selling women’s clothing in the physical world, you have no choice but to wait for people to pass by your store and wish they’ll be women. But if you have an online shop, you can target men (so they can shop for gifts) as well as women. If you are selling products for young women, you can employ a slightly different classification. You can also target women over a certain age with ‘products that make them feel younger’.

The possibilities go on and on. Also, being able to sell all over the world 24/7 can enable you to experiment more.

It doesn’t matter what you do; you need to constantly ask yourself questions and improve yourself by finding answers.

Not only in Turkey, everyone all over the world is looking for the formula for the success. But each company’s success formula is built on different equations and variables. You can be successful by taking some others’ tactics and applying them for your business but there’s a chance you may not be successful as well. But here’s a fact: You won’t know without trying.

Change your product.

Change your target group.

Change your brand.

Do not be afraid to try until you achieve success.